Exposing Emf Shield Protection Scams And The Truth About Electromagnetic Frequency Protection.  Don’t Be Dooped By Scam Products.

EMF Explained

What are Electromagnetic Frequencies (emf)?

EMFs are invisible energy waves that travel through space.  Electromagnetic frequencies are proven to be powerful enough to travel through our bodies, walls of our homes, and even metal plates.

When EMF travels through a human body, the damaged caused resides within our cells.  Damaging the mitochondria and causing more dead cells, called free radicals.

The more free radicals that the body carries around the more oxidative stress is put onto our immune system.  This causes our immune systems to become weaker making it easier to get sick.

Emf Shield Protection Scams are everywhere trying to pull you in while showing no proof of actual protection.

Electromagnetic Fields Surround Us 24/7.

EMF Protection Antioxidant Supplement

So, where do EMF’s come from? 

As you can see in the graphic above, we are constantly surrounded by these electromagnetic fields no matter where you are.

Recently, 5g Cellular towers and satellites transmitting high powered cellular signals have been found to be very damaging to the cells of our bodies.  Other emf emitting devices include Computers, Mobile Phones, WiFi, Halogen Lights, Power Lines, and more.

How do they affect us?  And how do we protect ourselves from emf radiation? What are Emf Shield Protection Scams?

Health Risks Of EMF Exposure

Electromagnetic Dangers

It’s well documented in multiple collegic and government funded studies that prolonged exposure to emf radiation causes increased free radical production, hence increasing oxidative stress within the cells of our bodies. 

Some of the potential effects of emf exposure include:


Emf Radiation Anxiety depression
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Can EMF Waves Increase Anxiety?

A resent study showed that people who are exposed to EMF radiation could suffer harsher symptoms of depression or anxiety. 

This is due to the increased load your body must take on to remove the damaged cells within your body. 

Headaches / Migraines

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Does Emf Cause Headaches / Migraines?

The electromagnetic currents that are making way through our bodies causes imbalances in the electric current within our synapses (brain).

This imbalance can cause headache, fatigue, brain fog, and overall aches and pains in the muscles and joints.

Cancer And Leukemia

EMF wave dangers
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Can EMF Waves Cause Cancer?

A resent article posted on the effects of electromagnetic frequencies has shown that it is very possible to say that prolonged EMF exposure may cause cancerous cells to develop on organs or in the blood.

Emf Shield Protection Scams.

The Truth About EMF Protection Devices

Many companies out there claim their products provide some level of EMF protection.  Products like Clothing, stickers, plugins, blankets, and cell phone cases all have made similar claims.

The frustrating thing is that most companies are using the fear of EMF poisoning as a tool to sell their less then sufficient products. These companies claim to protect you, but there is no proof of the level of protection they provide (if any).

Below is a few examples of emf protection products to avoid and what products actually have proof of some (still only a little) protection from emf.

Emf Products to stay away from

Cell Phone Cases

Do Cell Phone Cases Block EMF Waves
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Do Cell Phone Cases Block EMF Waves

Did you know that in the fine print of all cell phones there is a disclaimer that tells us to keep the phone a minimum of 1 inch away from our bodies at all times?

The disclaimer is in place to protect cellular device companies from lawsuits pertaining to emf radiation being emitted from the device.

Some companies out there have used this and other published studies as a scare tactic in order to inject fear into the consumers head that they need increased protection from cell phone radiation.

While the need for increased protection from emf is very real, these products have been deemed essentially usless with very little data to support the theory that these cell phone cases reduce EMF.


Do emf stickers work
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Do Emf Blocking Stickers Work?

Stickers like these make claims that they “defer” the emf signal away from ones ear when using a cellular device. 

Studies have shown false claims and have recently been audited by false claim checking agencies. 

If you haven’t seen them for a while, that’s because they are being sued for these claims.


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Do Wall Plugins Reduce EMF?

Absolutely false. 

Stay away from EMF Protection products that obviously create EMF waves themselves.

EMF waves come from wall outlets and the elements plugged into them.  So, how could it be that a wall plugin that generates its own EMF, can reduce other surrounding emf waves.

Emf Shields And Blockers That Work?


Powerful Antioxidants By 5GDefense.com
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How Antioxidants help EMF damage.

Because our bodies are under attack from emf radiation, the best defense is internal protection through immune system functioning at its peak performance.

That’s why we created 5gDefense.com and our products EMF Protect and EMF Immune.

Bed Canopies

Emf Bed Canopy Products
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An EMF Blocking Bed Canopy?

Bed canopies claiming to reduce EMF waves have been tested over and over with the same result, A reduction in electromagnetic waves has been seen time and time again.

Some Metals

emf blocking metals
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Can Emf Travel Through Metal?

Some metals will allow EMF waves and radiation through. But most metals will defer emf waves. 

Some clothing companies dedicated to reducing emf exposure line there clothes with thin layers of metal. 

Does A Healthy Diet Provide EMF Protection

Your Diet May Provide The Best Protection From EMF Damage.

Bar none, the best way to provide yourself the best emf protection is by implementing a diet high in antioxidants. 

Eating healthy natural foods like grapes, avocados, oranges, nuts and others provide the body with nutrients that increase immune system function and provide the body the ability to balance out the negative effects of emf waves. 

For people who find implementing such a healthy diet difficult,  we suggest implementing a powerful antioxidant supplement specifically formulated with the nutrients your body needs to protect against EMF damage.

This Is Why 5g Defense Created EMF Immune & Emf Protect

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